Back in 2016, Hamed was interviewed for an article that appeared on the Broadsheet website on 9 June, when he was still working at Free to Feed.

An excerpt from the interview:

“I attend one of Hamed’s classes on a chilly Sunday evening at Kau cafe in Northcote.

The intimate space is filled with the sounds of Farhad Mehrad, an Iranian musician who rose to prominence before the Iranian Revolution in 1979. His haunting song ‘Booye Eydi’ (loosely translated as ‘A Scent of the New Year’) is a favourite of Hamed’s and reminds him of his homeland.

The music quickly gives way to the excited chatter of the 10 participants eager to learn more of the cuisine and culture Hamed will be sharing.

He is a charming, tall man with a broad grin. While he apologises for his command of English, he is easy to understand and speaks in an enthusiastic, engaging manner. He offers us traditional honey, saffron, and cardamom tea, as well as a fresh brew made out of sour cherries – a warm start to the occasion, both figuratively and literally.”

You can view the original article on the Broadsheet website.