Learn Persian Cooking

Learn Persian Cooking

Cooking Classes

If you want more than just catering services and would like to offer a more engaging experience to your guests, we can also hold a cooking class in your home or corporate space.

You will learn about the basic ingredients of Persian cuisine and cooking techniques for preparing traditional and contemporary Persian meals. As we cook together, we’ll share personal stories from Iran and speak about Persian culture.

Our format is flexible but will typically involve 2 hours of relaxed cooking class. This is a hands-on activity, so you and your guests will be participating in the preparation of the meal before we sit down to share the feast together.

Below is a list of classes we offer, which can be tweaked according to your preference:

These classes involve a number of dishes from our catering menu.

Cooking Tutorials


Chicken-Pomegranate-Walnut Stew (Fesenjun)