“Chef Hamed Allahyari escaped Iran by boat in 2012. Now he’s helping other refugees and asylum seekers find work, and sharing the flavours he grew up with. Try the omelette with feta, fresh mint and dill; homemade sour-cherry tea; and a colourful, Persian take on the bliss ball.”

VIDEO » This Chef opened a Persian Cafe to give Asylum Seekers the chance he never had.

“Chef Hamed Allahyari came to Australia seeking asylum. After being turned away from every kitchen, he started his own to give new migrants, refugees and people seeking asylum the foot in the door he couldn’t find.”

“Hamed Allahyari is a Persian chef with a heart for others and a soul-warming laugh. I went out to Sunshine Café in Sunshine the other day and spoke to the café’s other founder, Jen Morillac. Jen and Hamed wanted to run a place that could employ refugees and asylum seekers who have had difficult time finding employment in Australia.”